As parents of schoolchildren in Washington County, Utah, we may be under the impression that our schools are not under the same types of threats as schools in places such as California.  But, increasingly, we can no longer make such assumptions.

If you are against such things as pornographic content in books in your children’s school libraries and our children being conditioned to become “woke,” please watch the presentation below.  Please share it with friends with kids in Washington County schools.  If you would like to DONATE to cover copies of my book “Beneath Sheep’s Clothing” that have been given to 31 Washington County school principals, so far (with 19 more to go), you can do so here!


Julie Behling

Julie Behling is the mother of a schoolchild in Washington County, Utah and author of the book “Beneath Sheep’s Clothing – The Communist Takeover of Culture in the USSR & Parallels in Today’s America.”  She lived in Russia in the late 90’s as a missionary, received a dual master’s in Russian & East European Studies and Russian Language/Literature in 2004, and is passionate about activating parents, educators, administrators, and legislators around Utah and the nation to root out the Marxist incursion taking over our schools.