If you are able to donate to buy copies of “Beneath Sheep’s Clothing: to be given to Washington County, Utah principals and school board members, your help is much appreciated!

$20 buys 1 book

$40 buys 2 books

$60 buys 3 books


To date, we have distributed books to 33 Washington County principals, including all high school, middle school, and intermediate school principals, as well as each member of the Washington County school board and two of our state school board members (11 in total), for a total of 43 books delivered to these individuals.  We have received donations to cover some of these books and are seeking $540 to pay for 27 more books.

We are also taking donations for books to be sent to prominent people.  Send $25 per book (this will also cover shipping expenses), then use the Contact form on this site to let me know you donated, who the book should go to, and what address to send it to.

So far, we have had readers donate to send books to:

– Del BigTree

Donations can be sent via Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal.  In-person, donations can also be made with cash or check.  

Thank you!!

Your donation is greatly appreciated!!