What exactly are Marxism and communism?

How did communist ideology take over every aspect of culture in the Soviet Union, including Christianity?

In our day, how has Marxism mutated to infect a new host – America and the West?

And how has this new form of Marxism overtaken America’s culture – its education, media and entertainment, the legal system, the churches, and even the family?


Most importantly, what can we do about it??  

Help us complete Beneath Sheep’s Clothing, the Documentary!!


We are seeking $100,000 to complete Phase 1 of Beneath Sheep’s Clothing, the documentary.  This will allow us to travel to several locations around the country to film key interviews, which will constitute 80% of the documentary.

Our goal is to complete the documentary by the end of 2023.  In order for that to happen, we need sufficient funding ASAP.  Up to this point, our dedicated crew has worked almost for free.

A donation in any amount is welcome!  In particular, at this time we are looking for:

  • 100 people to donate $1,000,
  • 20 people to donate $5,000,
  • 10 people to contribute $10,000, or
  • One person to fund the entire $100,000, or potentially all expenses for the entire documentary!


Please Contact Us to discuss possibilities of investing in the documentary.

In order to raise funds in a timely manner, we need your help to SHARE this page!  We invite you to consider who do you know who may want to help fund a project like this, as well as who you know who may know someone who may want to and be able to help fund this documentary!

I invite you to personally reach out to 5-10 people you know, either through text, direct message, or email, to take a look at our documentary trailer and request for funding!

You may send a direct message or text something like this:

Hi (PERSON’S NAME) – how are you doing?  I wanted to share about this new documentary coming out later this year, Beneath Sheep’s Clothing.  My friend/acquaintance Julie was a missionary in Russia 25 years ago, then she studied Russian & East European Studies in graduate school.  She wrote her master’s thesis on underground Christian movements in the Soviet Union.  She published a book last year, Beneath Sheep’s Clothing, that shows parallels between the Soviet Union and America. She is now making a documentary based on it.  I thought you might find it interesting!  Please take a look!  https://beneathsheepsclothing.com/documentary/

You may also include this:

Julie and her crew need to raise $100,000 to complete the first phase of the documentary, and are looking for people to either donate or invest in the project.  They feel an urgency in getting the documentary out there as soon as they can!  Do you know anyone who might be able to help?


Your support means the world to us!