In our modern era, we are seeing “family-friendly” and “all ages” drag shows where parents are invited to bring their young children to view the sexualized performances of men dressed in drag. Join Julie Behling, author of “Beneath Sheep’s Clothing – The Communist Takeover of Culture in the USSR & Parallels in Today’s America” to learn that what’s behind this bizarre trend, as well as Drag Queen Story Hour and gender-bending and sexualized books in public school libraries (and more). In this video, Julie explains how a rebrand of Marxism called Queer and Gender Theories have infiltrated our culture, entertainment, and schools (and in some cases, shockingly, our churches).

While the majority of LGTBQ activists and allies may have the goal of nurturing greater societal acceptance for those with alternative gender and sexual identities, they are being duped. The goal of Queer and Gender Theories is to tear down heterosexuality and the binary genders as the norm in our society, all for the purpose of destabilizing the rising generation and preparing America for a political system that more closely resembles communism.

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