Julie was a missionary in Russia in the late 90’s and attended graduate school at Florida State University from 2000-2004 pursuing a dual master’s degree in Russian Languages & Literature (Slavic) and Russian & East European Studies.  She taught beginning and intermediate Russian for three of those years and wrote her master’s thesis on underground Christian movements in the Soviet Union, their survival tactics, and the tactics of the Soviet State to stamp them out.

After completing graduate school, Julie turned her focus to healing herself from two autoimmune illnesses with which she had been partially disabled.  Through the years, she has been a reflexologist and holistic healer, health preparedness blogger, vlogger, and podcaster, health freedom advocate, Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner, and homeschool mom. She is the author of the book The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness, 1st edition.  She began delving into current events in 2010 and has been a proactive voice for liberty since that time. Today she resides in Utah with her son and two cats.